21 prayer focus

Dear Friends,

I have been sensing an increase of warfare and opposition against God’s prophetic destiny for our lives. When I received this word from Glory of Zion, Chuck Pierce, I immediately knew that we need to enter into this time of pressing in to be mantled against the Jezebel spirit and to have our pace for the future to be reset and reordered. There is a key strategy to contend with what stands between us and God’s promise.

“I am mantling you with a Jehu spirit in this hour.” I’m going to cause that Jehu spirit to rise up in you and overturn what has stopped the prophetic voice in days past; I’m going to give you the power and the anointing to break the power of that. (When Brian and John mark got to New York, on Monday, the cab driver’s name was Jehu!) I am resurrecting that gift that is in you, which was shut down and pushed aside. This is the hour that I come and I cause a fresh new river of My anointing to flow through you. Reach out and receive a new mantle. Let the Jehu spirit come upon you to stop all the tactics of Jezebel. I say her day is over. This is the day I’m calling the prophets to arise.

“I am the Ancient of Days, and I’m recreating a momentum for your life. I am slowing you down so I can accelerate you in days ahead. For the enemy has attempted to wear you down. The enemy has attempted to change laws and change times to begin to stop you from accomplishing My will. The enemy has attempted to trap you by getting you out of My timing. But the Ancient of Days is now rising over you to reset your pace ahead. Stand with Me and travail for the 21-day period that I tell you. And when you do that your pace for the future will be re-ordered.

“He is coming as the Ancient of Days, and because He is the Ancient of Days, there is an ancient key that He carries. And in the carrying of this key you have seen the enemy take his place between you and the promise at this level. Press in, press in, press in, and contend with the enemy because even over the next 21 days I will give you the strategy to contend with the one who has set himself to contend with you. And then as you have pressed the 21 days, I will hand you the key of the Ancient of Days, and then I will contend with the one that has contended with you!

“Many hearts have been wearied and many, many minds have grown cold in My thinking process. But I am resetting heartbeats, and I’m opening up what’s been closed down. I’m restoring and I’m causing you to walk in a time that escaped you in one season. If you will set your pace with Me, the next 7 years I will produce greatly for you and My storehouses will be made full.”

Recently was the Jewish holiday, Purim. This is the day that the Jewish people celebrate the overturning of the decree that Haman had executed against them. Esther had sought God through prayer and fasting and boldly went before the king on behalf of her people. The result was that Haman was hung on his own gallows. Haman has all the same characteristics of the spirit of Jezebel.

This is a time for decrees to be overturned in the spiritual realm that have been against you and your family. Join with us to gain your strategy and set your pace so that the next 7 years will be years of increase and God’s storehouses will be made full.

Days 1-3 These are days of repentance to prepare the way of The Lord and to open up our hearts to hear His voice.

Day 1: Repent for anything in your personal life that would hinder God’s promises and blessings from being released. Ask for kairos times of refreshing to come to you so that you have strength for the days ahead. Seek His face. Acts 3:19

Day 2: Stand in the gap for your family and repent on their behalf. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring light into dark places and to draw your family members to His presence so that they can be aligned to receive His blessings. Seek His face. Acts 2:38-39, Prov. 8:17

Day 3: Stand in the gap for the Body of Christ and repent for those things that the Holy Spirit shows you hinder the fullness of the presence and power of God. Ask Him to show you what your part of the solution is. Seek His face. Daniel 9: 3-17, esp. 18-19, Jer. 29:13

Days 4-7 are days of praise to enthrone the Lord and to confuse the enemy.

Day 4: Praise God according to Psalm 148-150.

Day 5: Lift up a standard of praise above every situation and circumstance by exalting His Name. Ps. 108:3-5

Day 6: Praise God with specific gratitude. Thank Him for the details of His goodness and mercy in your life. See His provision for the vision and promises. Ps. 66:1-5, 16-20 Ps. 23:6

Day 7: Pray for those in authority over you. Bless them to be a blessing. Pray for them to gain wisdom, insight, and strategy. Let the anointing flow down upon you and gain favor. 1 Tim. 2:1-2 Num. 6:22-27

In this season of setting our pace for the next 7 years, it is important that we contend and overthrow the influences of a Jezebel spirit that has been raging against the plan of God for our lives and destiny. I am listing some of the symptoms of this spirit so we can readily identify what it is we are contending against.

  • Jezebel seeks to control our times and resources through manipulation and domination. This can be done subtly through flattery or sowing seeds of discontent against spiritual leaders or others in positions of authority.
  • Jezebel creates confusion and chaos so that we will operate in a crisis mentality instead of seeking to know the mind of Christ.
  • Jezebel is seductive in her devices by making compromises look attractive and even justifiable.
  • If she doesn’t get her way, she rages against us through false accusations, judgments, and threats.
  • She seeks out the weak low places of our personal lives, families, churches, and businesses to target for attack.
  • Jezebel divides and conquers. She primarily does this through undermining or attempting to disqualify those in authority.
  • Jezebel ultimately wants us to bow by causing us to buckle under her pressures.
  • She devises ways to get us to expend energy on meaningless things by magnifying situations beyond reason. When this happens, we become depleted and exhausted and lose momentum and focus. This also opens the door to depression and infirmity.
  • Jezebel preaches false doctrines and produces counterfeit signs that can cause us to follow after her and her magic instead of Him and His anointing.
  • Jezebel uses fear, intimidation, and divination to cause us to get out of timing.
  • Jezebel uses weapons of blame, shame, and reproach to cause us to live beneath the word of the Lord over us.

Day 8: Pray for God to bless your enemies. Ask for their salvation, deliverance, and healing. Pray that God will grant a spirit of repentance. Release forgiveness and receive the favor and pleasure of the love of God. Consider the life of Joseph. Genesis 50:15-21, Matthew 5:44, Romans 12:14, Matthew 6:14-15

Day 9: Pray for wisdom, stature, and favor to increase in your life. List the things that have you in a state of perplexity and invite the Holy Spirit to enlighten you. How will you grow into this next season of maturity for the new mantle? What needs to shift in your thinking? Consider David’s progression from shepherd boy to King of Israel. James 1:5, Ephesians 1:18

Day 10: This is a day to pray about your alignments and accountability. Are you in close proximity to those who can advance you to the next level? Are their relationships that may need to be sifted from your life at this time? Are you willing to receive correction and direction from those in authority over you? Invite God to winnow your path. Rom 14:12, Heb 13:17

Day 11: This is a day to petition Heaven with specific requests. Give attention to your priorities as you pray. Let the Holy Spirit reveal to you how to reorder your prayers to match the desires of God for you. Ask someone to agree with you for 3 specific things. Matthew 18:19, Psalm 37:4

Day 12: Write out a new decree over your life and declare it with faith. Overturn any word curses, judgments, and accusations that are against you and your destiny. Job 22:28, Mark 16:17, Matthew 16:19

Day 13: Declare your future by activating your decree. Put feet to your words by being intentionally obedient to whatever God will show you. Israel had to step into the Jordan to enter into their promised land. Peter had to step out of the boat. What must you do to show commitment to a new level of faith? James 4:8, Romans 12:1

Day 14: In some way, use social media to herald the promises of God. Share an encouraging word, scripture, or testimony to publish the good news. Watch the atmosphere be influenced and shift over you and those who read your words. Romans 14:17

I am sensing breakthroughs that are on the way for us this week! Remember to press past any obstacles and prevail over the enemy. I hear The Lord saying, “Remove anything that would encumber you, sweep out the cobwebs (notice the places that you may have overlooked or neglected to address) and streamline your processes.” Regardless of what may be thrown in your path to distract you, stay focused, and move past it.” I believe that we are well on our way to receiving the revelation to unlock the strategies for the next 7 year season. Below are the last 7 days of focus. Let’s triumphantly move toward our inheritance.

Day 15: This is a day to overcome. Consider your trials as an opportunity to bring glory to God. The blood and the word of your testimony will cast down the accuser. Testify in the midst of each trial. See your windows of opportunity to take the higher ground. Let joy arise. Pray for an overcoming spirit that agrees with the Word of God. Put away complaining and murmuring– the results of unbelief. Rev. 12:10-17, James 1:2-6, Ps. 63:3-5

Day 16: Poverty is a spirit that is linked to the anti-Christ spirit. It resists the prosperity of Kingdom people so that the borders cannot increase and enlarge. Overturn this spirit in your bloodline that has a mindset of lack. Pray and ask for a creative way to give and sow an unexpected seed. This will open heaven over us in a new way. Jer. 9:23-24, Mt. 6:31-34

Day 17: Moses turned to “see” the burning bush and then heard the voice of God give him directions to deliver an entire nation. As you seek Him today, ask to see and hear the new for the days ahead. God is raising up deliverers in every sphere of influence. Be willing to let go of some of the old ways of doing things and receive a fresh understanding of your calling. Your routine is having to shift so that you can move in the power of God. Jer. 29:11-14, Jer. 33:3

Day 18: Elijah entered into a depressed state because of Jezebel’s threats. His victory on Mount Carmel was overshadowed with foreboding fear and a sense of impending doom. List any threats you are hearing and pray in faith to rise above dark clouds into His truth and light. Now prophesy against each specific threat with the truth that the Spirit of God has given to you. Prov. 8:17 Jer. 8:31-32

Day 19: Praise God in a new way and a new place. The children of Israel shouted in praise at Jericho and entered into the land. Strategic praise is one of the ways that our inheritance is released to us. Phil. 4:4-9

Day 20: As we are coming to the end of this focus, check with the Holy Spirit and ask Him to reveal any unforgiveness that may be in your heart. See if you have judgments against anyone that could hinder the full blessing of God being released to you. Repent to the Lord and be restored in your soul. If you need to make restitution to someone, do what you can to right any wrongs and be free. Matt. 6:12, 14-15, Acts 3:19

Day 21: Thank God for the release of supply and strategy. Write the vision you have received. Commit to The Lord to move ahead with the steps you need to take for implementing His plan for your future. Commitment and follow through are key! This is not a time to procrastinate and hesitate. This is a time to conquer, possess, and take dominion. Ps. 52:8-9, Phil. 4:18-19