Dear FountainGate Friends,

Jody and LaNora

We just returned from a glorious time in Israel. It is fresh on our minds that all of Israel was celebrating Purim. Children were dressed in costumes and parties were happening in the streets to celebrate the day Esther revealed her identity to the king and strategically reversed the curse of Haman against the Jewish people. We also loved seeing the desert blooming!

Cabezo Family

Esther received the authority to issue a new decree in the name of the king on behalf of her people. Esther 9:1 says, “…on the day when the enemies of the Jews hoped to gain the mastery over them, it was turned to the contrary, so that the Jews themselves gained the mastery over those who hated them.”

Daniel and Melanie

We know that once the new decree went out that joy and gladness sprung up throughout the land. This is a time that the Holy Spirit is asking us to come before the King for a reversal of evil decrees and curses and a release of the NEW DECREE! The new decree will bring us into a season of joy and strength for the days ahead.

Sea of Galilee

In the book of Esther, we see the phrase, “if it please the king” a number of times. May this be our heart’s cry to please our King in all we do. What curses need to be reversed and what new decrees need to be made on behalf of the Kingdom in your sphere of influence?

Barb and LaNora

We decree that this will be your season for the scepter of the King to be stretched toward you with favor!

FountainGate is launching into a season of Revival Gatherings and we hope you will join with us for our region.

  • Saturday, May 20th 9am-4 pm, Women of Revival Gathering with Pastor Brenda Kilpatrick , Lila Terhune and LaNora Morin for a “TIME TO TRIUMPH.” Register on our web site by clicking here.
  • Thursday, June 22nd – Saturday, June 24th Jody and LaNora Morin, Dustin Hedrick, Pastor Bob Mazeroski, Sergio Scataglini and other revivalists and prophets and Lydia Marrow leading worship for “HARVEST GLORY GATHERING.” Be watching our web site for more details and registration.

Gathering with you unto Him,
Jody and LaNora


Via Delorosa



Garden Tomb



Naomi and Moti



Meshea at the City of David