A new generation

Prophetic Word by LaNora Morin

And the Lord says, “I have sent forth the sound of a new generation. And I am raising up a new generation. And this generation that has seen much desolation and much desecration in My house have sent out a cry that says, ‘Show me where is your God, show me where is your God. Where is the God of Elijah?”‘

There is a rising up even of a generation in this hour that says unto us, “I will smite the door posts with the presence of God.” The Lord says, “Look and see if there aren’t those that say I am coming through in a new way and I will not have the things that have been up against the Lord’s doorpost up against mine.” For God says, “This generation that I am bringing forth is a holy people. I am raising up a holy generation with one thing on My mind, and it is the regeneration and the transformation of the nations,” says the Lord.

So God says, “Get yourself ready, and make room for those that will come forth with a very simple cry: “It is Jesus. It is Jesus. It is Jesus.” They will say unto you, ” We will see Jesus.” They will encounter Him and they will preach: “It is Jesus”.

God says, “Will you join the sound of this generation or will you find yourself left in the dust of religion? It is your choice to be a part of that which I am doing that is going to change, regenerate and transform in this final hour. If you will, you will hear the distant sound of the midnight cry. If you will, you will hear that the trumpet is about to sound.” God says, “get yourself ready; get yourself ready, prepare your household, and know I am coming. Remove the places of compromise and complacency and the casual attitude toward My anointing in My presence. Remove it from your life and remove it from your household. I desire to come in and visit; more so I desire to come and stay” says the Lord.