a presence people

Prophetic Word by LaNora Morin
-Delivered at the GateKeepers Summer Prophetic Roundtable

For the Lord says, “I am desiring a ‘Presence’ people not a ‘presents’ people, a people who desire to give My life to others instead of getting My gifts for themselves. I desire a people who are so bright with My light that they cast a shadow of My glory wherever they go. (Genesis 24)

“True dominion and the advancement of My kingdom are not as you suppose. There is a power that explodes from purity and an authority that is born out of simple obedience. Dominion is the expansion of your life from the garden of God. My gentleness will make you great. The distractions, divisions and devastations of the low road have caused you to lose your sense of direction and destiny. I desire to set you back on course.”

“If you will be a Presence people, then learn how to not only read the Word, but to become the Word. You shall be a walking illustration of My character and nature. If you will be a Presence people, then you must not only splash and swim in the river of My Spirit, but you must become the flow of My life in desolate places. These are the waters in the wilderness that cause it to bloom. If you will be a Presence people, you will not only gaze at the fires of a revival meeting or be inspired by fiery preaching, but you will become My blazing torch to the nations.”

“My Presence people are a people who change the spiritual atmosphere and climate wherever they go. They are the Word walking, the River flowing, the Fire burning. They are a consumed people.”