be holy 2

“You stand at a threshold called Holy. For some of you this threshold is like a line that has been drawn in the sand. And, you know that if you cross over this Holy Threshold, there will be no going back.

But the Lord says, if you cross this threshold–this entrance place where you can live holy and be holy as I am holy–as you do, I will pour out My Spirit on you in a way that you can not even measure. There is an immeasurable outpouring that is coming in days ahead. The rain of My Spirit will be poured out in such a way that your sons and daughters cannot help but prophesy. I am looking for some standard bearers who will cross the threshold and say, ‘I will live holy because He is holy! In holy reverence to God, we shall slam the door of other alternatives behind us.”

The Lord says, “Choose Me! Choose Me! I have already paid the price for you to live victoriously in holiness. For where you have feared failure and doubted in your heart, I say, know this: The Spirit of the Lord is coming to you in such a way that you can live victoriously without compromise or a casual use of My anointing.

“This is the time to give up those things that have plagued you in days gone by. For I am here in My holiness to break the power of addictions and things that have tormented you. I want to break family thought patterns today of how your family thinks and what your family does. You are going to have to choose Me! If you will take My hand and cross this threshold called ‘Holiness,’ I will pour out My Spirit in such a way that you would never think of looking over your shoulder or consider going back.

“See the Blood on the door post. See the way to walk in the finished work of the cross of Calvary and come on through. Let go of the petty things that are not worthy of your attention and you will find yourself living a life of power!”