December 2015

Jody and LanoraDear Friends and Family,
Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas! During this glorious holiday season, while praying for you and your family, we received this word. We pray that even as you read it, you will not only be encouraged and inspired, but that you will be challenged, changed, and activated. We would also like to give each of you this month’s CD: “Participate in the Miraculous!” Simply click here and request it by typing your physical address in the message box and click ‘submit’ and we will mail it to you.
Since the celebration of Hanukkah represents the miracle of the multiplication of oil in the 2nd temple, we declare over you:
    • This is a time of a multiplication of your anointing. Receive fullness! Release miracles!
    • This is a time to walk in the Light and to be the Light. Shine brightly!
    • This is a time to be restored and rededicated. Prepare for your best future!
    • This is a time of victory and overcoming. Overthrow darkness and occupy your inheritance. Be established!
Because Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, we declare over you:
  • This is a time to believe for the impossible. Prepare for visitation; make room for the unexpected surprises of God!
  • This is a time to receive the Word in a new way. Receive a fresh word from God and declare it!
  • This is a time for your promised dream to leap within you. Notice your connections. Who aligns with your dreams and purposes?
  • This is a time of birthing and bringing forth. Let God’s word over your life be revealed!
  • This is a time of worship and presenting gifts. Give your best! Unwrap your spiritual gifts and use them to bless others!
May these holidays be filled with overflowing joy and supernatural peace. May your family connect in a new way and gain a new focus. May the Light burn in your hearts and shine through your eyes.
We look forward to connecting with you and partnering together to advance His kingdom in 2016. Watch for our 10-day prayer focus to help you recalibrate and be ready for the year ahead.
Jody and LaNora