DECEMBER 30, 2018

“DRY BONES COME ALIVE”  December 30, 2018
Prophetic Word – LaNora Morin,  

Some of us may be having a dry bones issue going on in our lives Sometimes things enter our bones that we don’t even know are affecting why we’re doing what we’re doing.

 The power of God is here to bring an awakening, to bring a revival, to bring a raising up.  Let’s ask the Lord, “Show me God anywhere there’s a dry bone issue in me.  Show me where the life isn’t flowing.

 This is a season that the Lord says, “Be alert and have your eyes open, your ears open.  Your spiritual being has to be full of wisdom.  You’re going to have to discern things in this season. The war isn’t over, but I have a victorious people.  I have a people that will be filled with My Spirit and My Glory that I will cause to prosper in the Glory so that you can move from glory to glory.  There’s been too much standing still in the Glory and God says I’m calling for a glory movement in this hour.  So you’re going to have to speak to those things and say ‘Come Alive to the purpose and to the presence of God.’ 

Now this scripture says (Is. 44:24-26), the Lord says, ‘I, the Lord, am the maker of all things.  I stretched out the heavens by Myself.  And I stretched out the earth all alone.’   If God, Mighty God is saying, ‘Look, I stretched out the heavens and the earth, and I did it without you.’ 

What are you carrying on yourself that belongs to Him?  He says, ‘I cause the omens of boasters to fail.  I will cause words of witchcraft, words of judgment, words that have been curses against your life and against your destiny.  I am the One that will cause them to fail.  And He says, ‘I will confirm the word of My servant.’   Are you His servant?  ‘I will perform the purpose of My messengers.   So you’re going to have to have a word.  He says, ‘I will cause those evil things to break and to fail but I’m going to confirm the words that you speak.’ 

Right now I take authority over every word curse, every omen, every judgment, every familiar spirit, any clutter from the holidays.  God, we break the power of those things and we invite You Spirit of God, move upon us and through us in Jesus name.  000