freedom to flow

Prophetic Word by LaNora Morin

A great and glorious move of God is in your midst. A demonstration of My visitation. This is the time to set your affairs in order that you will be available for My Kingdom’s purposes. Your lives are complicated, involved and overly scheduled. I desire for you to have a willingness to let me rearrange your lives for revival. For I must have the priority of your affection and the heights of your dreams and the depths of your desires. You are crossing a threshold – an entrance to a place you have never been. I have put the touch of eternity in your hearts, but now I am causing you to be transformed that you may cross the threshold. The door posts are already shaking because of the Divine presence and power.

This is the hour that I spoke unto you in days gone by – when healings, miracles upon miracles, deliverances and salvations will occur even as people pass through sanctified doors. There is now an acceleration of My glory that you have only tasted in the past. You have had the manna crumbs of My glory, but now you will truly taste and see that I am good. I am breaking the Bread of the Presence in your midst and you will eat and be satisfied. You will go in the strength of this bread and feed the multitudes. For I am leading into a time called “Harvest Glory.” For you have said, “Lord – I am tired, I am weary, I am sick, I am weak.” But I say let the weak in this hour say I am strong. Let the poor say I am rich. Let the sick say I am healed. Let the tired say I am refreshed and energized.

For I am even filling your mouth with a Holy Spirit breathed confession. Whoever eats of this Bread of My Presence and drinks of the cup of the covenant will be changed into another man and into another women. And yes, the smell of bread shall waft abroad and those disgraced by famine will begin to come into the House of the Bread. So simplify your lives, make room for my move and know this you must be free to flow!