Dec. 16, 2018 – Prophetic Word – LaNora Morin
It has been minimized and categorized as something lesser than a habitation. Because remember when the saying went around that “we don’t want a visitation but we want a habitation.” Remember that? How many of you have ever said that? “I don’t want a visitation – I want a habitation.” But the Lord said to me, “Don’t minimize a visitation. And don’t categorize it as less than a habitation.” And He showed me how visitation after visitation after visitation is what builds a habitation. It’s like it’s a building.

 He said, But note this.  There must be visitations that will change your lives.  And mark it with altars.  Visitations are sign posts to those coming behind you.  These form your testimony.  They are God encounters that you will never forget. 

Visitations change history.  Abraham was visited.  Moses was visited,  Mary was visited.  Isaiah  was visited.  It is a time of My anointing overshadowing you and creating something new in you.  It is a meeting with Me, your God.  Won’t you come visit with Me?  I’ve missed you.  Many are so desensitized to My  anointing.  They don’t recognize the precious oil running down their heads.  I come, I knock and they don’t notice.  This is why I wept over Jerusalem.  And this is why I weep over you.  Don’t you feel it in your bones.  Glory is locked up in you that I want to unlock — like precious hidden treasure. 

You are My glory explosion.  In these days of uncertainty, be assured that you can lean on My presence.  But you must meet with Me.  Your Bible Reading Plan, your prayer list that you pray through, your songs you sing, your good works – I see these.  I enjoy watching you doing your best to be a good Christian.  But can I come meet with you?  It’s as simple as you opening the door of your heart and letting Me commune with you.  When I visit you, everything changes.  We share the bread and we drink the wine.  What you are worried about disappears into my cloud.  My Word comes alive.  My angels join your song.  My strength empowers you to live life to the fullest.  My Spirit prays My will through you.  This is abundant life daily. 

So let us visit, My daughter, My son.  I’ll set all things in order.  Your mind will clear, your emotions will settle, your body will gain new strength and health.  I’ll reveal My secret  things to you and set you In My timing and divine purpose for your life.  I will put you on My bright path and you will know true joy and fulfillment.  Do not hesitate in the place of familiarity but come into fullness.  I will brood over you and do a new creative work within you.  You will manifest My Presence and My Power.  Miracles will break forth in the wilderness.  The knowledge of My glory will cover the whole earth.  This is my final harvest plan – the arising glorious church.  You must meet with Me – individually and corporately.  You will experience visitation.  My appearing  will cause your faces to radiate with My glory.  And the world will once again say, ‘surely they have been with Jesus.’   Thus saith the Lord.