Grace to you

Prophetic Word by LaNora Morin

The Lord is saying to us, this morning,“It’s not by might or power but by my Spirit”, says the Lord of hosts. “And what is this great mountain before you? For the Lord would say unto you, Just speak grace, grace to it and watch Me bring the finishing touches to those things that you are concerned about.” For God says, “Surely I am the First and the Last and, Alpha and Omega. I am beginning and the end and I am able to bring you through the transition.”

And some of you need to take hold of the fact that God wants to push you through your narrow place today. He wants you to come through that eye of the needle into a new and large place. God, we thank You that we can unload those things that have prevented us from going through and we receive that incomprehensible love of God.

I want you to stand up right now and want you begin to take the Word of Lord. I want you to begin to speak,” Grace, grace to the mountains.” We speak “Grace, grace to the mountains. Grace, grace to the mountains. What is this before the Lord? This is nothing before the Lord.” And you need to know that God intends and has purpose in this hour to do you good. To do you good! And Lord we receive Your goodness. Oh, we receive Your goodness.

Now turn to your neighbor and say ,”Grace, grace to you.” Now tell your other neighbor, “Grace, grace to you. “And watch the mountains begin to crumble before the presence of the Lord. We love You Lord. Can’t you just feel the incomprehensible, incorruptible love of God? Hallelujah, give Him praise! We give You praise Lord!