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Dear Triumphant Overcomers,

Today, we are writing to share with you what we are hearing from the Lord for 2015. We, along with many other prophets, have already declared the significance of the Hebrew year, 5775. Using the Hebrew letters representing each number, we gain the understanding that this is an Ayin Hei year – meaning that we will see the wind of God.

This will manifest in many ways in the natural and the spiritual realm. When God’s wind comes, changes must come. We are already seeing that it will be very key to be positioned in the center of His will. In this place, the heavens are opened over us. Some of you may need to look around and see if you are experiencing chaos and swirling in your lives. If so, it is time to be re-positioned and find the center of the whirlwind of His glory. This place is found by those who are living a surrendered, obedient life.

When we gathered for prayer last night, we experienced an open heaven of revelation. We feel that several keys for the year ahead were revealed to us. Therefore, we are giving them to you to help you advance.

  • The Lord is calling us to rise up as standard bearers of His glory.
  • This month we must have our new war strategies developed. Praise will be key this year.
  • This is a year to journal and record what God is doing. There will be such an acceleration that we must keep track of the movement of the Lord.
  • The anointing will be so strong that there will be an obvious physical change in the atmosphere. It will be comparable to when a plane descends. You can feel the pressure as the atmospheric pressure changes. Similarly, the anointing will come with the pressure of heaven’s atmosphere. This pressure will shift our atmosphere, and as we yield, the miraculous glory realm will manifest upon us and through us. We will be brought into a new enlarged place. This can be seen like a trumpet which produces the clear sound. The wind coming into the narrow place pushes the sound out into the larger place, which is then amplified all around. Watch how God’s wind will move His prophetic sound through you and you will be positioned in a new enlarged place.
  • Two things that will prevent us from moving forward are spirits of depression and death. We must be renewed in our thinking processes and overthrow these spirits.
  • Be quick to respond to His voice this year. Do not hesitate and second guess but trust Him and advance.
  • The bondages of offense must break so that we will not be hindered in our prayers and proclamations. Forgiveness must flow freely.
  • We must guard the confessions of our mouth because greater authority is coming to us with the new anointing. Therefore, watch and see how your words will come to pass.
  • This is a year to enter into fullness of joy. As you abide in Him and in His Word, you may ask and receive! This brings rejoicing which creates new strength!

Our desire is to see you equipped, trained and activated in all of these things the Holy Spirit is saying to us. We are excited to announce the School of Practical Ministry will now be offered on live stream the first 3 Thursdays of the month. You can join us free of charge and receive fresh revelation and activation each month. Go to fountainoflife.tv and click on live stream. If you want to take the classes for college credit, simply email our dean, Barbara Boyd, at barbara.boyd@fgmi.org. Why not jump into a new level with both feet?

As well, I am personally offering a more personal mentoring for some of you that desire to go deeper. See the informational flyer below. This will bring personal breakthrough to your life.

If you desire to hear the word I gave at Start the Year Off Right with Chuck Pierce, you can go to our Facebook page and listen. This is the call for standard bearers. FGMI Facebook .

May the atmosphere of heaven invade your times and press you into greater anointing, authority and fulfillment this year. May your joy be made full! May you be restored and re-positioned in the center of His will.

For His Glory, Jody and LaNora