July 2015

Dear Friends of Revival,

Words fail us as we try to express our gratitude to God for all He has done. We continue to experience His tangible presence each time we meet. The Arizona Prophetic Remnant Arise Gathering ended with all of us being undone, crumpled in a heap, at the foot of the cross. Holy Spirit is teaching us that the way we “Arise” is to bow low. It seems like we cannot get low enough as we worship Him.

We have set our hearts to keep the fire of revival burning individually and corporately. Our relentless pursuit is for more of Jesus in our lives so that we can manifest more of His love and power to the world.

As I was praying, I asked the Lord, “What’s next? What do You want for us to do now?” He brought the scripture to mind when Joshua was preparing to cross the Jordan: “Then Joshua said to the people, ‘Consecrate yourselves (set yourself apart to Me) for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.'” Next I heard the Lord say, “Will you give me 3 weeks?” I sensed His heart was asking us if we would consecrate ourselves to seek His face. No other agenda. No other goal. We aren’t seeking Him for a strategy, a prayer focus, or a prophecy. Just seeking His face. In His presence, we will hear His heart and set ourselves in agreement with Him. This is when true power will be manifested.

We sense that there is something significant that will impact not only the church but the nations in the fall season. Many prophetic voices have declared this and we are sensing the same thing. The Lord is stressing to us to consecrate ourselves and be prepared for the days ahead by being in constant communion with Him and staying in

the fear of the Lord.

Let us seek His face and heart like never before. We look forward to more times together with you in His Presence.

If you were not able to join us for The Gathering,

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For His Glory

Jody and LaNora