This timely word was given by Kay Winter’s
at Arizona’s Rising Glory Gathering on Friday September 12th.
I think it is important for us to enter into the strategy of the Lord to overturn every plan of darkness against the movement of God. The first strategy I heard was to gather the prophetic intercessors and worshippers on October 31st to keep the momentum going from the Awakening Gathering. This will be a key event to keep us ahead of the plans of darkness. LaNora Morin
And the Lord says, ”To the midwives, to the intercessors, to the prophets, to those who have been on the wall, I say unto you, ’Well done,’ but the Lord also says, “The fight and the battle is not over. As Herod sought the life of the Promised One, by slaughtering the babies of Bethlehem, so the enemy desires to end the move of God before it began. But, tonight a mantle is coming to the intercessors, to the prophets, to the apostles, to the pastors, to the body and the Bride of Christ.” A mantle is coming that will give you such a grace to pray until we bring the Glory of God to His full maturity as He has promised us.” Arizona will be the star that twinkles in My hand, a star that brings forth My glory to this nation. For Arizona shall be as a Joseph to this nation, a nation who is dying from a drought of the lack of My righteousness and My presence. I am bringing forth, in this hour, the strategy that goes before the enemy’s plans and that will prepare a state in behalf of the nation. My glory shall surely come to the fire and it won’t just be a spark or a passing moment in time, but it will shine as a star of my Glory. She, Arizona, shall be a diamond in the sky. Arizona, the little star, the unexpected star shall twinkle with my Presence.