light“This is the time for you to examine yourself in the light of My presence. Allow My life to shine on those places of compromise, on those places of lethargy and complacency. Recognize who your true enemy is. Repent and quickly turn. As you look upon Me, I will make it possible for your mind to change, but it’s by looking upon Me that you have a renewed view. And I will cause you to walk upon the high places and leap like calves let out the stall. Some of you have been feeling like you are dragging around dead weight and that is the dead weight of sin and the works of the flesh. But you can be free and your joy can be returned to you and so can the love, the passion of your first love.”

If you are one of those people, that you know things have been dead and dry lately and you can even be in services like this and you say,”I can’t really feel a thing…” The Lord says, “Quickly repent and get relocated, because I will open the windows of refreshing over you and I’ll reveal Jesus to you in such a way that you cannot find yourself walking in the old path.” Hear what He is saying to you; hear what the Lord is saying to you right now. It’s called Throne of Grace for a reason; it’s not the Throne of Condemnation. It’s the Throne of Grace.

And over the next 100 days, we heard a word that the God wants to redefine us. And I believe He is saying, “Get back to your first love and do what you did at the first. When I say something believe it with all your heart and get radical in your obedience and I will release extraordinary miracles through your hand. You will speak with knowledge and wisdom and you will be able to be used to unveil the hearts of men and women and they would fall upon their faces and surely say, ‘Jesus is Lord!’”