occupy and hold your ground

Prophetic Word by LaNora Morin

The Lord says to us, “This is a year when you shall not only move in to take possession of your promise, this is also a year of dominion. I am going to teach you about occupying and how to occupy the ground. You will not just pursue after your promise and attempt to possess it, but you shall occupy the ground that I have told you to occupy. This is a year that if you will enter into intimacy with Me like you never have before, you will see that there will be a new level of authority.

That which has been difficult for you to occupy and to hold your ground, you will find that you are able, you are able, you are well able to take it and to occupy it. This is a year of Kingdom dominion. As you enter into more communion with Me, you will see how I will open the heavens over you. And you will recognize and see where it is that you have been sleeping in your past season and you will awaken and declare “’Surely this is the gateway of heaven and I didn’t even know it.”

Therefore we declare Your people are awakening to where You have them positioned. God says to you, “You will be repositioned under an open heaven, and you will be reset and reordered if you will listen to Me this year. Be reordered, be reordered and be realigned and be reset and set your course.”

LaNora then shared that Hebrews Chapter 12 will be a key chapter for us this year. Through it we are reminded to lay aside every encumbrance, everything that has entangled us. Lay it aside! Why? Since we have a great cloud of witnesses, we should not be so entangled with the things that weigh us down and we should run the race. Run the race with endurance with your eyes fixed on Jesus, the Author and Finisher and Perfector of your faith. He had a joy set before Him and that joy was you. You are the joy of Jesus. You motivated Him to complete His course; He motivates you to complete your course. You are the love motivation of Jesus and He is the love motivation of you.