Prepare a shout

Prophetic Word by LaNora Morin

For the last 8 ½ months, many of you have warred to press through to victory. Many have lost vision and momentum due to the hidden snares that have captured your emotions and caused many distractions. You have found yourself in battle fatigue and some of you are in burn out.

“Yet,” the Lord says, “it is a time to take your stand and see what I am doing. I am about to give you a new sound and a new shout that will cause you to recover your losses and make new gains. Receive new grace that you might shout ‘grace’ to the mountains of opposition. Some things have had to end so you can be shifted into a new mantle.

Between now and the end of September, make your necessary changes and shifts, and get aligned and positioned rightly. Give Me your complete obedience and give pre-eminence to my presence in your lives.”

At this point, I felt that the Lord began to give us a strategy for overcoming in this hour. I felt the following was a directive that we can enter into right now:

“There is a 40-day time you can enter into where I desire for you to remove the devil’s name and his attributes from your conversation. My people have given him too much attention and credit. Speak of My name, My glory, My power, My dominion and My kingdom. See Psalm 145.

Watch Me walk you out of your wilderness wanderings and establish you in your new place of victory. I am forming a highway in the desert and your atmosphere is changing. I have a remnant people who are preparing a shout. Even as at Jericho, the people learned how to walk in silent authority and Godly timing. The sound of the throne room, the shout of the King, and the roar of the Lion of Judah will shake and break the walls of stubborn resistance. Join with Me, and prepare your shout ! That which has stood against you is about to fall.

You have wondered why I have been silent on some things in this last season. You have wondered if I have abandoned you or disapproved of you”..but God says..”know this. I have been preparing a shout. So join with Me and prepare My sound in your heart that will conquer and subdue the opposition and establish My kingdom.