Prepare for Pentecost

Prophetic Word by LaNora Morin

“It is my desire to sit upon you even with tongues of fire that overtake you and shine out of you. But, you’ve been in a season, where I have been trimming your wick. I’ve been trimming your wick, and I have been making room for the fire of My presence. For I have had to cut back some things, and I have had to make some preparations, but know this, it is My desire and it is your destiny, that you should blaze as a torch going forth on My behalf.

So know this: I am stirring, I am stirring and I am sending the wind of My Spirit to cause the flame to begin to rise. For this is not just for you, but it is for those around you that there might be light in a dark place. You must understand that the trimming of your wick is from My hand. At times, you have tried to rebuke the enemy and tried to resist the devil, and yet I am the One who has been trimming, I’ve been trimming and I have been cutting back, because I have a desire to make more room for what I am going to do in your life. It is a holy fire, and it is the fire of My Holiness. So as you stand on holy ground, discern and know the fire of my Presence.

Although the winds of adversity have blown across your life and of your nation and have brought destruction, the wind that I will send brings forth life. I am bringing forth a wind of refreshing. As you have stood upon Holy Ground and have repented, the refreshing wind is coming to you. The life of My Spirit is coming to you and as you go with that wind, the fire that is within you will be spread abroad on every side. So let that fire fall and let the wind blow, for I am doing a new thing in the earth, and I want to use you to bring it forth. As the chaff is removed, I will cause your recovery to speedily come forth. I am bringing forth recovery and help for these days. This is a time to recover your losses! When I come, I set things in order so that you can receive the good I have for you.”
Lord we invite you, we invite You, let that fire fall in our lives and let the wind blow, let the wind blow, let the wind blow, let the chafe be cause recovery, to spring forth speedily in your people. God wants you to know, I am bringing forth help and recovery to you. This is a time to recover your losses. Know that when I come, I set things in order and I am setting up divine order in you today, says God. That you can receive the good I have for you.