Dear Waiting Ones,

Jody and LaNora

We can expect the Lord to manifest Himself in some new ways. It was during this season of time, between Passover and Pentecost, that the Lord manifested Himself in different, unique ways. In His resurrected body, He appeared to around 500 people. I believe we can expect supernatural visitation during this time too!

He instructed them to go and wait for the coming Holy Spirit. The in-between times can seem to last forever, but we know the day of His coming is near. And we know that His promises are worth waiting for. Last week the Holy Spirit spoke to me:

I have brought you into a season of consecration and a deeper commitment to Me. Commit yourself in a new way this season, for I am bringing you up into a time of commissioning and great power being loosed in your life and through your life! “

God is preparing us for the GREATER GLORY DAYS! Get ready to see Him manifest Himself and His promises to you in ways that will surprise you!

Here at FountainGate, we are preparing for a GLORY EXPLOSION! I hope you are too! If you haven’t registered for our HARVEST GLORY GATHERING, do it now!


We love to meet together with those who are part of the Rising Remnant! Revival is at our thresholds.. GET READY!


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Our decree over you today is: You shall come through your in-between waiting place into a new season of visitation and manifestation of the Lord and His glory in great power! A time of new and fresh commissioning is opening doors before you and you will see your windows of opportunity. May you experience increase and multiplication of your seed and harvest!

For His Glory,
Jody and LaNora