“There is a Radical Remnant that will usher in the final revival. These are the passionate pursuers of My presence. They prioritize My presence in their day to day lives. They will come out of their wilderness times in the power of My Spirit. They are my hidden secret weapons that will seem to suddenly appear on the scene. They have been in the fire of their testings. Their faith has been tested, and they have determined to live holy. They don’t sound like the world. THEY DON”T BLEND IN; THEY STAND OUT! They are not the nominal, the marginal, or the casual Christians. THESE ARE MY DISCIPLES and they have the holy distinction of an uncompromised life style. They have the look of My love and fire in their eyes; and their touch heals the brokenhearted. There has been an awakening in this Radical Remnant, but I say to you, there shall now be an arising. A new year is approaching and the King is coming through the gates. Know this. He is the Majestic One, girded for battle, and His sword is in His hand. He shall execute vengeance on His enemies!
This is an hour to be behind Me and go with Me and watch Me and do what you see Me doing. Obey My Word and I will give you victory and you shall see that you will triumph in these days ahead. Shake off the dust of this world. Shake off the dust of this world. Be no longer clothed with the culture that you live in, but become accustomed to Kingdom living, the Kingdom culture. You won’t blend in; you will stand out.”