And the Lord says, “My glory is not beyond reach. My glory is not beyond reach. I came down so that you can rise up. I died and paid a price that heaven could come and fill you with My fire. Understand what you have within you,” says the Lord. “Let My Spirit arise! Let My Spirit arise within you! Understand the One that is inside of you and the desires to walk out of you! There is nothing too difficult.” Nothing and no one is too difficult for God.

And there was a part where I knew the Lord was asking this question, “So why do you tarry? And why do you wait? And why do you hesitate between two opinions? And you try to fix things. And you try to find the way that is workable.” But God says, “Hands off!” I just heard it so clear. God says, “Take your hands off and let Me move. I can’t move until you let Me move.”

And so God we want You to move through us! How many of you know there are some things that you need to take your hands off of. Some things you need to stop trying to fix it. How many know God is saying, “Don’t tarry anymore, let it go! Let it go and take your hands off, so I can move.”

The Lord says, “The movement of the Holy Spirit is within you. The move of God is you walking out on the power of the Spirit of God.” Release that. Release your river. You have a river in you. Release it. Let the river of resurrection power flow through you right now.