the pathway of redemption

Prophetic Word by LaNora Morin

“If it seems to my people that they are not prospering in their way and that it seems like there is a curse and that things are not going according to the plan and purpose that I have in My heart for them, then know that there is a pathway called ‘Redemption.’ And as you step into that pathway of your Redeemer, I will begin to redeem lost time, and redeem some of those circumstances you have been walking through. I will begin to redeem everything that has been lost to you. This is a time to get in alignment and to let that roadway be cast up before you. There is a higher way for you to go than where you’ve been going.

And in the places where you have settled for a lower, easier way you are discovering it is not so easy to not be in My perfect will. So I am calling you to a higher way. And I am saying for you to come up higher and see things from my perspective, because there is a place in Me that will give you strategy for your next level of victory.

Will you live beneath the promise and the portion that I have for you or will you look beyond the present circumstances, grab the rope of hope and pull your provision for the vision and future inheritance into your present realm? If you will rise above, look beyond, take hold of My Word, then I can establish you in a new place of prosperity and exceedingly beyond what you’ve even thought to ask from Me”