Word of the Lord given by LaNora Morin: And the Lord says, “This is the hour that I am bringing you out of hiding. You are a well kept secret, but this is the day of My unveiling. For I desire to reveal My glory in the earth and I will do it through you. So come out of hiding and I will cover you. And say not, ‘I’m not fit, I’m not good enough, I don’t measure up.’” For the Lord says, “The anointing, My Name and The blood qualifies you.

So know this, the days of shrinking back are over. And this is the day to walk fully into who I have called you to be. This is a day of fullness and this shall be a day of fruitfulness. Fear not about those coming behind you. Fear not about your legacy, for I shall reveal Myself to them in ways that is going to surprise even you.”

“So stop looking over your shoulder to see if they are coming for I am visiting them,” says the Lord.